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History & tradition

First time when this Estate was mentioned.

Balthasar Sämer owned the estate and gave it the name “Sämer Hof”.

First construction plan with buildings of the size as is now the Sollner Hof. At that time probably, also change of its name to “Sollner Hof” by the owners of at that time: Hanfstingl.

A fire, deliberately set by arson, damaged altogether seven buildings of the “Sollner Hof”.

After the fire
Rebuilding after the fire

The restaurant “Alte Pinakothek”, situated on the corner of Barer- corner- Gabelsbergerstr., was managed by Josef Wittmann (formerly Butcher and Barkeeper in the “Deutsches Theater”), and his wife Victoria.

Birth of their daughter Victoria (Dora) Wittmann.

The married couple Wittmann leased the restaurant "Zum Hirschen" at Solln`s train station.

Viktora Wittmann
Josef Wittmann

Josef and Victoria Wittmann (the great-grandparents of the present owners) bought the Sollner Hof at an auction for 50.000 Reichsmark. In addition, 50.000 Reichsmark had been invested for renovation and modernisation of the building.

Wedding of daughter Doria with Michael Heigl who was employed in the inn Sollner Hof since 1935 as master butcher. In the same year, their son Josef Heigl was born.

Victoria, Michael and Joseph Heigl
Before the war
Rebuilding the Gasthof after the war

Micheal Heigl was recruited for combatting in Romania.
Daughter Liane was born.

Three firebombs fell in the attic of Sollner Hof, fortunately, the attic didn’t take fire. Five other bombs fell in the yard.

Michael Heigl returned as war prisoner.

Josef and Victoria Wittmann transferred their business to son-in-law and daughter.

After having passed his butcher’s apprenticeship, the son, Josef Heigl, was integrated in running the parent’s business. Later on, he enlarged his knowledge for example in Dortmund and Karlsruhe, and passed the master-butcher exam with success.

Josef Heigl married Hildegard Horner, wholesaler and graduate of Kermeß Management College.

Birth of son Michael (who is the Manager of the Hotel Heigl with his wife Rosina since 1989).

Birth of daughter Susanne.

The first construction of Hotel "Sollner Hof“ began.

Birth of daughter Ursula.
Opening of the "Sollner Hof"

Liane Heigl, who managed Hotel Heigl, which was opened in 1967, married the Constructor and site foreman named Egon Fibich. 1975 Liane Heigl died in a tragic bicycle accident. Egon Fibich died in 1989.

Josef Heigl takes over the restaurant "Sollner Hof". Father Michael Heigl actively assists them until the early 80`s. Together with his son he looks after home-made meat- and sausage-dishes. He dies in 1983.

Renovation of the Inn, a new wooden roof, a ventilation system, and a tiled stove were installed.

They built a cellar on the south side of the yard and new sanitary facilities were installed, as well as changing room and sanitary facilities for workers. Together with this modification the “Nische 2” and the “Zirbelstube” were built. The Kitchen and the dishwashing kitchen were re-designed.

Susanne Heigl married Joachim Sickendiek, expert in Hotel Management, chef and son of a gastronomy family from Versmold, near Bielefeld.

Son-in-law Joachim and daughter Susanne took over the Gasthof “Sollner Hof”

Construction of the pergola on the south side, as well as a canopy on the north side of the building. Circular benches were installed along the walls of the entire interior area of the dining room.

Josef and Hildegard Heigl retired and handed over the business to their children. Ursula and Thorsten Heigl take over Hotel “Villa Solln”. Susanne and Joachim Sickendiek take over the Hotel “Sollner Hof”. Michael and Rosina Heigl become owners of the Gasthof “Sollner Hof”, which is, however, still managed by the Sickendiek family.

Gasthof Room

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